Superior boiler

Superior Boiler Works, based out of Hutchinson Kansas, is the world's leading manufacturer of Scotch Marine Firetube and high efficiency Condensing boilers as well as associated boiler room equipment for process steam, hot water, and waste recovery. 

Superior's product offering includes:

  • Scotch Marine, Condensing, Firebox and Waste Heat Boilers

  • Blowdown Separators

  • Deaerator Systems

  • Feed Water Tanks

Boilerroom Equipment, Inc.

Boilerroom Equipment, Inc. engineers and manufactures ASME pressure vessels for many different industries. Their primary products are for the commercial and industrial steam boiler industry. BEI features standard product lines such as the HeatSponge boiler economizer. BEI also engineer and fabricate wet and dry steam accumulators.

Boilerroom Equipment's product offering includes:

  • Feedwater & Condensing Economizers

  • Single & Two Stage, Carbon or Stainless Steel, Small, Medium or Large Size Units To Fit Virtually Any Application

  • Horizontal or Vertical Configuration

  • Custom Engineering Services Including Payback Calculations

Triad Boiler Systems

TRIAD Hot Water and Steam boilers use a steel firetube design with inputs ranging from 210,000 to 2,000,000 Btu’s. Multiple units can be operated via a control panel to produce many millions of Btu’s. All TRIAD models from 600,000 Btu’s to 2000 Btu’s carry an Underwriter’s Laboratories (“UL”) listing. All fireside surfaces are surrounded by water, eliminating high heat loss and reducing wasted thermal transfer by up to 30%.

Triad's typical applications include:

  • Vertical Hot Water & Steam Boilers

  • Vertical Domestic Hot Water Boilers

  • Electric Resistance Hot Water & Steam Boilers

  • Fully Assembled Skid-Mounted Boiler Room Packages

  • Combination Hot Water & Steam Boilers


Fintube manufactures SA-178 boiler tubing, A-513 mechanical tubing, and A-214 heat exchanger / condenser tubing. Fintube is one of the largest producers of ERW carbon steel boiler tubes in North America, producing millions of feet each year. All our tubing is subjected to eddy current testing of the weld, as well as full body eddy current testing after annealing. Fintube has been ISO-9001 2008 certified since 1994 and is committed to producing quality products and delivering on time to our customers.

Fintube's product offering includes:

  • X-ID® Boiler Tubes

  • Smooth Boiler Tubes

  • Single or Duplex Tube Bending In Various Sizing & Lengths

  • Cut To Order w/Dropship Available

kentube engineered products

Kentube Engineered Products is one of the oldest and most respected brand names in customized heat recovery equipment. Because of its association with the family of Fintube, LLC brands, the majority of Rectangular Economizer components - tubes, finning, bending, design and fabrication - are all handled by the same company. With high energy prices paybacks on Kentube Engineered Products equipment are commonly one year or less including installation! Kentube Engineered Products is ideally suited to address the energy conservation needs of an energy hungry world. We offer boiler feedwater economizers in rectangular and cylindrical designs, condensing economizers, air heaters and waste heat oil heaters.

Kentube Engineered Product's product offering includes:

  • Retangular Economizers

  • AeroSeq® Economizers

  • Cylindrical Economizers

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